Safeguarding Adults and Section 42

A message from Isle of Wight Council’s Learning and Development team:

We have a wide range of learning around safeguarding adults and understanding your responsibilities within the Section 42 process.

Select the learning below that most applies for your level of knowledge and skills:

New to social care? – Start with the ‘Introduction to Adult Safeguarding Podcast’ which is only 35 mins long to provide a basic understanding of the subject

Do you have more responsibility to lead, play a part or contribute to the Section 42 process? Or does your general knowledge need refreshing in this area?

We have two opportunities for you……..

Firstly listen to the 55 mins Adult Safeguarding Enquiries Podcast before attending further classroom based learning

Then book a place on the multi-agency full-day classroom event – Section 42 which is jointly commissioned between IOWC and the IOWSAB

Still looking for more multi-agency learning? View the IOWSAB catalogue here which also includes some learning around safeguarding children

This training is hosted on Isle of Wight Council’s Learning Hub

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