E-Learning offered by other organisations and partner agencies.

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Please see below a variety of E-Learning courses offered free by other organisations and partner agencies.

Autism Awareness Training

Access free autism awareness training here, provided by Southampton; Hampshire; Isle of Wight and Portsmouth’s autism workforce group (SHIP).

Awareness of Forced Marriage

The virtual college offer a free e-learning course on Awareness of Forced Marriage. This free safeguarding course aims to raise awareness of forced marriage and help professionals who have a responsiblity to safeguard vulnerable adults, young people and children. It explores the warning signs of forced marriage and the right actions to take to help protect potential victims.

Awareness of Forced Marriage: To access this course, please click here.

MARM – Multi-Agency Risk Management – MARM PODCAST

Welcome to the IOWSAB MARM Podcast. This podcast will give you a brief overview of what MARM is, how it relates to Safeguarding, when it should be used, what a good MARM meeting should look like, and where you can find further information if you need it. This can be used as a training resource for both front line staff and managers, for individuals and for teams. This information is for staff in any agency including Adult Social Care, NHS Trust, GP’s, Probation, Housing, Voluntary sector, Drug & Alcohol services, Residential and Nursing homes etc.

The podcast itself is in the form of a PowerPoint slideshow – open the document in PowerPoint, click on ‘slide show’ from the options along the top, and then press ‘from beginning’. The slide show will then begin, and you will hear narration over the top (please ensure your speakers are at sufficient volume). The accompanying MARM Framework and Toolkit can be found on our ‘Information for Professionals Page’.

Isle of Wight SAB Podcast MARM (JUNE 2020) – Youtube Version (click here)

The National Trading Standards (NTS) Scams Team Practitioner E-Learning

This resource has been designed to assist professionals and practitioners who will be interacting with victims of scams, this includes but is not limited to; social workers, community nurses, volunteers and befrienders.

This e-learning will give you:

• An understanding of the scale of the problem of scams

• Insights into the behaviour of the criminals behind scams

• Practical advice on how best to support a victim of scams

• An understanding of the legislation that can be used to support scam victims and to prosecute the criminals behind scams.

At the end of the e-learning you will be assessed on what you have learnt and be issued with a certificate. Please CLICK HERE to access the training.

Course Content: –

Chapter 1:  Introduction

Chapter 2:  Chapter One – The Scale of the Problem

Chapter 3:  Criminal Behaviour

Chapter 4:  Legislative Framework

Chapter 5:  Supporting Victims

Modern Slavery E-Learning

The Open-University offer free Open Learn E-Learning training. They are offering a free course on Modern Slavery. This course is designed to develop an understanding of the international system of human rights protection in relation to modern slavery, but also encourage an appreciation of the influence of International Human Rights Law on the development of the domestic system of human rights protection.

Modern Slavery Level 1 Introductory: If you would like to access this course, please click here.

The Health Education England offer a free training programme on Modern Slavery. This course will help frontline healthcare staff to identify victims of modern slavery and take appropriate action to address their health and safety needs.

Modern Slavery Programme: To access this course, please click here.

Prevent and Channel E-Learning

In November 2018, the Home Office published two new Prevent e-learning packages around the Prevent referral and Channel processes:-

Prevent Referrals: If you would like to undertake this e-learning please click here.

Channel Awareness: If you would like to undertake this e-learning please click here.

 These are in addition to the original Home Office introduction package:

Original Introduction to Prevent: To access this e-learning, please click here.

The Health Education England E-Learning for Health Packages:

A range of e-learning courses are available through e-learning for Healthcare from Health Education England. These free e-learning modules are aimed at professionals in the Health and Social Care sector. You will need to set up an account with them in order to access the courses – this can be doing through their website: https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/ . They offer a wide range of topics, including Safeguarding Adults, Mental Capacity Act & Adult Safeguarding, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLs), Compassion in Practice, and Domestic Violence & Abuse.

Level 1 & 2 Preventing Radicalisation: To access this e-learning, please click here. 

Level 3 Preventing Radicalisation: To access this e-learning, please click here. 

Level 3 Preventing Radicalisation – (Mental Health): To access this e-learning, please click here. 

If you would like further information on Prevent and Channel, or would like to make a referral, please visit the Community Safety Webpage by clicking here.

The Salvation Army Trafficking Awareness Course: