LSAB 2019 Annual Conference – ‘Safeguarding Individuals with Chaotic Lifestyles’, Northwood House

Event Type: Conference
Date: 07 February 2019

The Isle of Wight Safeguarding Adults Board Annual Conference was held on Thursday 7 February 2019 at Northwood House. The annual conference is the highlight of our year and was an opportunity to hear from local and national experts, share best practice and celebrate our work.

The focus for this year’s conference was ‘Safeguarding Individuals with Chaotic Lifestyles’, and referenced a recent Safeguarding Adult Review: Howard. We had a range of speakers from different agencies.

A full report on the 2019 conference can be found by clicking here (PDF, 10 Pages, 732KB).

Slides from the speakers can be downloaded here:

Carol Tozer – ‘What have we learned from Howard’ please click here (PDF, 11 pages, 247KB).

Lisa Smith – RIPFA Presentation please click here (PDF, 29 pages, 711KB).

Jamie Brenchley – ‘homelessness’ please click here (PDF, 13 pages, 1,284KB).

Inclusion – IoW Service Presentation please click here (PDF, 15 pages, 1,361KB).

Megan Karnes – Hoarding UK please click here (PDF, 49 pages, 2,905KB).

Melba Gomes – Mental Capacity please click here (PDF, 21 pages, 89KB).