Making a Safeguarding Referral


Raising a safeguarding concern:-

When somebody raises a concern about an adult who is believed to have care and support needs and is at risk of or experiencing abuse or neglect (including self-neglect).
Anybody can raise a safeguarding concern by contacting 01983 814980 or by completing the online referral form for professionals.

Who completes this form?

This form is for use by professionals from any agency to raise a safeguarding concern to Adult Social Care about an adult (age over 18) who is believed to have care and support needs and is at risk of abuse or neglect (including self-neglect).

It seems quite a long form – why?

A worker within the Adult Safeguarding Team will use the information in this form to begin to inform a decision as to whether a safeguarding adult’s enquiry is required, and if so, what will happen next, so the information you provide will be crucial to ensuring the right decision is made.

I don’t have all the information – what do I do?

Don’t delay sending in the concern.  We can plan together how key information is to be obtained.  Just note that you ’don’t know’ on the relevant section of the form.

Where can I discuss concerns before making a formal referral if I am unsure whether to refer?

The Adult Safeguarding Team Adults team provide a duty advice service on 01983 814980 in office hours.

What about immediate safety?

The Adult Safeguarding Team aims to respond to concerns as quickly as is required. Please note:this is not an emergency service.
You are asked to consider the immediate safety of the referred person in the form. If you assess that the person is at risk of immediate harm, you need to also alert appropriate emergency or other services to address that risk.

What do I do if the concern arises out of office hours?

If you need support from Adult Social Care to manage an immediate risk please phone the Out of Hours team on 01983 821105.  Otherwise please refer safeguarding concerns in the usual way to

Referrals for Children

If you need to make a referral for a child, please refer to the Safeguarding Children’s Partnership online guidance.