4LSAB Toolkit

A 4LSAB Toolkit has been developed to support the MARM Framework. This toolkit includes some ‘one minute guides’, template letters to send out when calling a MARM meeting, a guide to Chairing MARMS and agenda and minute templates. You are not required to use these meeting templates and draft letters, however you may find them useful if your agency does not already have something in place.  

MARM Tools

In this section, you will find a number of tools and templates that will help with MARM meeting structures.

MARM Guidance

In this section, you will find guidance and support documents on calling and chairing MARM meetings.

MARM Podcast

Welcome to the IOWSAB MARM Podcast. This podcast will give you a brief overview of what MARM is, how it relates to Safeguarding, when it should be used, what a good MARM meeting should look like, and where you can find further information if you need it. This can be used as a training resource for both front line staff and managers, for individuals and for teams. This information is for staff in any agency including Adult Social Care, NHS Trust, GP’s, Probation, Housing, Voluntary sector, Drug & Alcohol services, Residential and Nursing homes etc.

The podcast itself is in the form of a PowerPoint slideshow – open the document in PowerPoint, click on ‘slide show’ from the options along the top, and then press ‘from beginning’. The slide show will then begin, and you will hear narration over the top (please ensure your speakers are at sufficient volume). 

Isle of Wight SAB Podcast MARM (AUGUST 2020) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuJJdd4rQB0

MARM Quick Guides

In this section, you will find a series of short guides on MARM related topics that you may find useful.