BBC Newsnight covered the Liberty Protection Safeguards that are due to replace DoLS.

To view the programme use this link it is the 21 January episode and starts at 21 minutes 15 seconds into the programme.

At the end of the programme, the reporter says the Bill containing the Liberty Protection Safeguards is due to go to the House of Commons soon. In fact, the Bill moved from the House of Lords to the House of Commons in December and is being debated now. Given the progress of the Bill to date it could be expected to become law (receive Royal Assent) in April or May. Its full introduction would then be delayed for a year or more to allow organisations to prepare for the changes and to train staff for new roles. A link to view the most recent debates is given below – this highlights key issues that MPs have and also the MPs that have a strong interest in the legislation. Full copies of the debates on 15 and 17 January are available.