National Adult Safeguarding Week – DAY 4 – Homelessness

Adult safeguarding and homelessness: A briefing on positive practice: –

The purpose of this briefing from the Local Government Association is to assist senior leaders, such as members of Safeguarding Adults Boards (SABs), as well as commissioners, practitioners and operational managers who are working across relevant sectors and agencies in this field, to support people who are homeless and at risk of or experiencing abuse or neglect. This briefing includes learning from Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SARs).

A briefing on positive practice – Click Here

Rethinking Rough Sleeping in the Pandemic: –

This open access article from RiP (Research in Practice) talks about homelessness in the light of the pandemic, and lists 4 key recommendations and examples of new challenges relating to Covid:

•        Working together locally towards systems and culture change to support joined-up working across teams

•        Ensuring people with care and support needs are at the centre of decision making

•        Ensuring practitioners are informed and supported

•        Raising public awareness of the issue of rough sleeping and challenging bias

Research in Practice – Click here

Shelter’s National Homeless Advice Service

Shelter’s National Homelessness Advice provide FREE expert advice, training and support to professionals working in local authorities, voluntary advice agencies and public authorities in England.

National Homelessness Advice Service – Click Here


Factsheets can be used by members of the public and professionals. Each factsheet aims to give a general overview of a particular housing or welfare subject, covering Benefit Cap, Bedroom Tax, Housing benefit (under 35s), Tenancy deposit schemes, illegal eviction and more.

Factsheet – Click Here

They have also produced a number of guides for the public:

  • How to exit homeownership through a voluntary or assisted voluntary sale (AVS) guide
  • Are you worried about your mortgage?
  • Housing options for ex-Service personnel
  • Housing options for offenders
  • A guide for those suffering economic abuse who are worried about their economic situation and finding somewhere safe to live, produced in partnership with Surviving Economic Abuse

Public Guides – Click Here