National Safeguarding Adults Week – DAY 2 – Domestic Abuse

Adult safeguarding and domestic abuse: a guide to support practitioners and managers: Second edition

The purpose of this guide from the Local Government Association is to help staff to give better informed and more effective support to people who need an adult safeguarding service because of domestic abuse.

It addresses situations where an adult who has care and support needs is being harmed or abused by an intimate partner or close family member in a way which could also be defined as domestic abuse. It does not seek to replace existing safeguarding procedures and it is anticipated that it be read and used in the context of local procedures and protocols.

Domestic Abuse Guide Support Practitioners and Managers Second Edition

Domestic Abuse and Mental Health 

This report link below aims to highlight areas of improvement that can be made to how we as professionals support people affected by domestic abuse who are also experiencing mental health problems. This PDF includes good practice guidance for multi-agency meetings.

We know that people experiencing mental health problems will face additional barriers; to disclosing, to being believed and to accessing services. As such they form a ‘hidden’ group, whose voices are rarely heard. It is important that we identify the barriers, and examine what both frontline practitioners and those with a strategic role can do, to ensure services are more inclusive and responsive.

Mental Health Report – this PDF includes good practice for multi-agency meetings

Actions for Commissioners, Domestic Violence Coordinators and Managers of Specialist and Non-specialist services

This resource link below from Safe Lives lists the Top Ten Actions for commissioners, domestic violence co-ordinators and managers of specialist and non-specialist services.

Save Lives – Top Ten Actions for Commissioners

Domestic Abuse Referral Pathways:

These pathways are to help professionals make referrals to services for domestic abuse:

Isle of Wight Referral Pathway –

Hampshire Referral Pathway –

Portsmouth Referral pathway –

Southampton Referral pathway –