SAB Excellence Award Nominations – ‘We See You – We Hear You’ – Deadline 1st October 2021

SAB Excellence Award Nominations – ‘We See You – We Hear You’

For the first time, the National SAB Network has come together to create a National Safeguarding Adults Boards Excellence Award, and the Isle of Wight SAB is one of the Boards taking part.

Here is a link to the National Safeguarding Adults Board Safeguarding Adults Excellence Award Nomination Form to nominate and recognise the hard work and dedication of any professional and/or team in England who have gone over and above this year, who continue to provide an outstanding commitment and effort to safeguard adults and their families.

This is the 1st ever National Safeguarding Champions Awards and we are looking for your nominations in the following 8 categories:

1.  Empowerment Champion – someone/team who has demonstrated empowering individuals

2. Prevention Champion – someone/team who has demonstrated and acted to prevent abuse or neglect

3. Proportionality Champion – someone/team who has demonstrated being balanced in their approach to ensure the least intrusive response

4. Partnership Champion – someone/team who has demonstrated working in partnership

5. Accountability Champion – someone/team who has demonstrated keeping others accountable, including themselves

6. Protection Champion – someone/team who has demonstrated protecting adults at risk

7.  Lifetime Award – includes anyone who has demonstrated more than 20 years of experience in safeguarding adults

8.  Innovation – includes all areas where someone/team has been creative and set new ways of working with adults at risk

Do you know a professional and/or team who are:

• Inspirational?

• Go above and beyond?

• Share their skills and expertise?

• Overcome barriers to make a real difference?

• Work in partnership with others?

If so, please complete this quick nomination form to ensure they are considered Nationally for their efforts!

The deadline for all nominations is 1st October 2021.

What happens with the Nominations?

All Nominations will be considered in their own merit, a decision awarded and acknowledgements made in our National Safeguarding Adults Week, November 2021.  Your Local SAB may consider an additional acknowledgement to celebrate the nominees and winners.

The winners of the National Award will be recognised in a press release, photo opportunities and signed certificate from the National SA Boards showcasing the, ‘We See You – We Hear You,’ campaign.

Note: Although Bexley SAB is collecting the information, all nominee information will be kept secure and only shared as appropriate. By submitting your nomination(s) you agree to information being shared for this purpose.  Information will not be kept longer than required. Thank you.