Safe Places Scheme to be set up in Ventnor

The Safe Places project is based on the idea that everyone should be able to go out and feel safe – and is targeted at Adults with Learning Disabilities and people with autism. It  is part of a national network of projects.

Shops and cafes on High Streets are asked to display a Safe Place poster in their window – and if someone with a learning disability or autism  is feeling scared or lost they can call into the premises, show the shop assistant their Safe Place card, which has the name and contact details of a family member or carer on it, and the shop assistant will contact them. There is a phone app that shows the location of the nearest Safe Place.

Safe Places scheme in Ventnor

On the Isle of Wight, Safe Places is being promoted by People Matter IW, the Island’s user-led charity. They have already started distributing Safe Place cards to Adults with Learning Disabilities and people with autism and, along with the Town Council, are hoping to set up a scheme in Ventnor.

For businesses to participate, they need to attend a short training session run by People Matter IW that explains how the scheme works, and to be prepared to display the Safe Places poster in their shop window. Ventnor would be an ideal location for expanding the scheme – the Town has a compact shopping area and a strong sense of community. The Town Council office will be a Safe Place along with other town centre premises.

Get in touch

If your business would like to join the scheme or you’d like to know more – please contact Tony McCarthy at or phone (01983) 857848.

If you, or someone you know is 18 or over that has a learning disability or autism? Register them with the Safe Place Coordinator by calling (01983) 241494.

A card will be issued with a name and emergency contact numbers. You can go in anywhere with a Safe Place Sticker displayed and they will help.