An Introduction to a Family Approach

Event Type: Training
22 May 2024 – 12 March 2025
  • 22nd May 2024, 9.30am-11am
  • 9th October 2024, 1.30pm-3pm
  • 12th March 2025, 7pm-8.30pm

All sessions take place via Teams.
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A Family Approach is one that secures better outcomes for children (including unborn babies), adults with care and support needs, children and their families by co-ordinating the support they receive from Adult and Children and Family Services.

This introductory course will explore how support provided by services should be focused on problems affecting the whole family. The course, which contributes to meeting the learning outcomes at Level 3, is available to all professionals working and volunteering with children and young people and adults with care and support needs, including schools, nurseries, health colleagues and social worker/family support workers.

Course aims:

  • Identify how a range of risk factors and vulnerabilities co-exist within families
  • Understand the cumulative impact of these on children and adults at risk
  • Understand the impact of risk and vulnerability on an adult’s capacity to parent, care for others and themselves
  • Understand the relevant legislative and statutory frameworks for adults and children
  • Explore themes including Protective Factors, Restorative Practice, Strength Based Approach, Person Centred Working, Mental Capacity, Professional Curiosity and Transition
  • Explore learning arising from Local Safeguarding Child Practice Reviews and Safeguarding Adult Reviews
  • Understand the application of the Family Approach Protocol
  • Explore the resources available under the toolkit
  • Understand the importance of sharing of information in the context of the family approach