APSP(Abuse of Position for a Sexual Purpose)

Event Type: Virtual (Teams)
17 July 2024 – 01 August 2024

Hampshire and IOW Constabulary Anti-Corruption Unit will offer training sessions on APSP (Abuse of Position for a Sexual Purpose) on the following dates:

17/07/202410:00via Teams
25/07/202410:00via Teams
01/08/202410:00via Teams

We will cover:

  • The definition of APSP
  • Recognise the importance of your role in identifying APSP
  • Recognising warning signs to look out for with service users that could indicate APSP
  • Show how to report concerns to ACU or Professional Standards
  • Identify what details should be recorded in reports of APSP
  • Identify how to apply for a review or appeal

To register, please contact: christopher.stevens-ballard@hampshire.police.uk